• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - June 19, 2016

I love my children unconditionally. I do not love their sin. My grace is always available to my children. I am ready to listen to your prayers and answer in the way that is best. I want my sons and daughters to love their children the way that I love you. I am a God of order and discipline as well as one of mercy. My heart grieves when you pull away from me and are too busy and so do the hearts of your children when you are too busy for them also. You are to protect your children and keep them safe. Everything that you do and say affects them. Society has become so sexually focused which is putting your children at greater risk of being exploited. Family is to be the foundation of your lives along with your faith and relationship with me. I plead with you to stop exposing your children to so much violence, hate, evil and sex. Just because the world accepts these things so readily does not mean that I do. I see the harm that they bring to innocent children. There are many children throughout the world who have been left as orphans to take care of themselves. Look around you and see if there are not children that need help or even adults who have been so traumatized that they have stopped growing emotionally and need help. Many children go to be hungry everyday. There is no need for this. Look at where your resources are going and try to help even one child or family. The pleasures you provide for yourself will have no value in eternity but your acts of kindness and mercy will stand for eternity. Soon there will be many that will need help. Begin to set aside money to help others. Ask me to show you who to help and when to help and how to help.

I believe in sacrificing. I sacrificed my Son for you – my beloved Son, Jesus, so that you would be saved and blessed. What are you sacrificing? New times are coming – difficult times. Your focus needs to be on me and your families. It is time to let go of all unforgiveness toward anyone. You need to mend all relationships and seek to be at peace. I call you to stop any negative talk or actions toward others. Remember what you sow that you will reap multiplied. What do you want to reap? Though I am a God of love, mercy, and forgiveness, I am also a just God. Ask me for wisdom because you are going to need it in the upcoming days. Fear not I am with you.

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