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Prophetic Word - June 11, 2016

My timing is perfect. My ways are perfect. My love is perfect. My plans for you are loving and on time. Many view my timing as too slow when they are praying for an answer to the situations they are dealing with, but they are not capable of seeing all that goes into my answer. Someday you will have more understanding when you are with me in heaven. Your brains are marvelous but unable to comprehend much of what I do and why I do it. When you come to the place of believing that I truly love you and want what is best for you, then will you be at peace.

I am sending forth my angels throughout the earth in greater and greater numbers. My spirit is at work in world affairs and much is about to change.

Men think that they can change the course of history but that is not true unless I allow it. There are testing’s that are coming to my people that will either draw them closer to me or away from me. You will have to choose and live with the consequences of your choices. My Holy Spirit will direct you if you stop and listen. Many things are going to seem to be opposite of what they are supposed to be. You will need to seek me so that you will be guided and directed during these times.

Money as you know it is about to change which is going to create a great turmoil. Keep your eyes focused on me and wait upon me and I will guide you in every way that you need. Time is growing short before much is about to change. This has to be but fear not I will be with you. I will not leave you unprotected or unprovided for. Do not let your hearts or minds be deceived by the loudest voices but listen for my still small voice. In the coming days, you will need to say “no” to many of your children’s requests for their protection and safety. Do not give into their crying and complaining. Love them enough to say “no”.

Many false reports will be spoken on TV and radio. Do not believe everything that you see or hear. Ask me to show you the truth so you can make the right choices. Many are about to be lost in fierce fighting and natural events but remember that I am in control.

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