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Prophetic Word - April 3, 2016

My children, my children, I am coming to you in dreams and visions to show you many things. By these, I will guide and direct you on a daily basis so you will know what to do and what not to do. Many are foretelling the things that are to come but not all know the truth. Be careful who you listen to. Ask me if it is the truth and I will let you know. Be at peace even in the midst of all the turmoil that is about to take place. Your enemies will have no power over you for I will defend and protect you. Look to me for safety.

You need to be alert and know that things are not going to be the same as always. There is a major shift going on spiritually, and it will even be reflected physically in the earth. Wait upon me to make major changes. I will direct your path and timing. As things change, many will try to take advantage of the confusion so call out to me and I will answer. Tell your families that there is no more time to waste and to come back to me and come into unity. I forgive them just as I have forgiven you. My will is that no one is lost.

Do not compromise about my word or your faith. You are either for me or against me and your life needs reflect that you are for me. Can people see by your life that you belong to me? If not, change quickly. I will help you. If you are at odds with family members – make peace and reconcile with them. Their lives may depend on it. Save time for me every day. Come into my presence so I can speak to you and prepare you for all that is to come. Show more love and concern for others – do not be self-focused. Love is key to who I am so if you are of me then love needs to be shown by you also. Let no root of bitterness grow in you –forgive everyone and on a daily basis choose not to be offended. Remember, I know your hearts and every thought that you think. Nothing is hidden from me. You cannot deceive me. You can try to deceive yourselves about your motives and behavior but not me. Ask me to change your heart and I will. I do not tempt you, the enemy does. When he does, cry out to me and I will help you and deliver you. When I come, I will come quickly.

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